Proud to be investing in Kazakhstan

Proud to be investing in Kazakhstan

FARINA GROUP in conjunction with SGT/ANM Group has implemented during 2014 the first step of a 3 steps investment programme in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Through CONTINENTAL FLANGES & FITTINGS ITALIA SpA, a 100% wholly owned Company, Farina Group has set up a distribution centre in the Caspian Region (CONTINENTAL FLANGES & FITTINGS KAZAKHSTAN BRANCH). The warehouse is within the complex of Atyrau Nefte Mash (A.N.M.) and offers ex-stock inventory aimed both at ANM's needs and Generai Oil & Gas users, like KPJV. TCO, AGIP KCO, NCPOC, KAZMUNAIGAS, KPO, KPI etc.

CONTINENTAL FLANGES & FITTINGS ITALIA SpA carries over 35.000 piping products codes. The warehouse covers an area of 11.000 sq/meters and claims a stock of roughly 1OM USO in Flanges, BW fittings, Forged Fittings, Cast and Forged Steel Valves, Stud bolts and Gaskets.

Our goal is to replicate the same concept of just in time supply service in Kazakhstan. The total yearly production of flanges manufactured by our Group is roughly 50.000 tons. IML, a Sister Company, manufactures over 12.000 tons in FORGED STEEL FITTINGS. Friedrich Geldbach produces 15,000 tons of forged steel flanges.

We consider our investment in Kazakhstan as a strategic expansion targeting the ever growing C.I.S. and CENTRAL ASIAN MARKET.

Today, along with the inventory, the second step of our investment is up and running: a fully automated, state of the art machining process.

During the course of 2017 the third step of our investment plan will see the implementation of a manufacturing plant, with integrated production of flanges and forged fittings in various grades and materials.

The joint venture between CONTINENTAL FLANGES & FITTINGS ITALIA SpA and A.N.M. will go to the market under the brand names of F.T. MANUFACTURING KZ L.L.P. and CONTINENTAL FLANGES & FITTINGS KZ L.L.P.
We look forward to co-operating with you in years to come.